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When Evelyn, a Goodwill worker, discovers that a handsome tuxedo along with three beautiful matching dresses had been dropped off, she senses there is more to the story than someone's generosity. Determined to find answers, Evelyn's search shows her the depths of despair and the heights of eternal love. Who else will the second-hand tuxedo touch before the whole story is uncovered?


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Evelyn works at the Goodwill, but her love and compassion for people and her propensity for solving mysteries has made her well known among the homeless community. When she is introduced to John Doe, who is suffering from amnesia after a bicycle accident, she jumps at the chance to help him solve the mystery of his identity.


No one has reported John as missing and his fingerprints aren't in any databases. But as Evelyn and her friend, Grandpa Joe, help guide John through his walk as a new Christian.  John begins to trust that in God's eyes, the man he was no longer exists. Can he learn the truth about his past? And if he does, will his newfound faith survive?

​George, Evelyn and Geoffrey are continuing to take me along on their adventure. George and Evelyn are beginning a new relationship.  Evelyn’s encouragement and problem solving will be a great asset to George as the problems at Manufacturing Plus grow. Geoffrey decides to change the direction of his life.  He has taught me a lot about leaving behind the sins of our past and focusing on the good that comes from God.

In the next book, Trusted Friend, another mystery will shake the lives of George and Evelyn.

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Life is filled with ups and downs. Hank lost three wives to different kinds of cancer in a period of ten years. Those were difficult times in his life. Yet from his point of view he says, "Statistically about half of the marriages end in divorce. Yet I have had four wonderful, beautiful wives."  Hopefully Hanks views will help you get through your difficult times or interact with someone else going through a difficult time. Hank is my Father George Field.  This is the story that he has shared with me.

I am word deficient. When speaking, I often stop mid-sentence because the next word in my sentence has flown out of my head. I make up words all the time. Some of my favorite words to use are "Whatchya-ma-callit, thing-a-mu-bob, dohickey". But when it comes to writing a story, they all start with a dream.  I may get it started by documenting my dream; but, the characters take over.  They are confident of who they are and what they believe. They are true to themselves. They know where they want to take the story especially when I can't decide.

Goodwill Mystery Series

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